Jewelry Sizing Guide

Necklaces: How can I determine the length of the necklace?

The choice of necklace length depends on the height at which you want to wear the necklace. We offer necklaces from 38 cm to 50 cm.

We advise you to choose the style of the necklace first, including the pendant. In front of the mirror, you can use your finger to determine which length suits you best - you can wear the necklace close to your neck or up to the lower chest - there are no limits here. So, take a rope, place it around your neck and bring it closer to the two ends where you previously determined the height. Now measure the total length of the rope in cm and subtract the cm from the pendant, if any. Note: our necklace length information on the site does not include the length of the pendant.


Bracelet: How do I measure the correct length of the bracelet?

To determine the correct length of the bracelet, wrap a flexible tape measure, strip of paper or rope around your wrist in the position you would normally wear and determine the length in cm. Choose the length of the bracelet closest to your value. When in doubt, take a larger size. On our website all bracelets are adjustable.


Ring: how can I determine the size of the ring?

It's much easier than you think: wrap the finger on which you want to wear the ring with a strip of paper about 1 cm wide. Wrap the strip of paper around your knuckles so that it is comfortable and not too tight. Pull it out of your finger and put the circumference back on a piece of paper. Measure the diameter with a ruler and use the table below to determine the size of the ring!

Further tip: Measure your finger several times a day, as the volume changes depending on the time of day and temperature. If your size is between two, we recommend that you choose the larger size.


Ring chart