Care Instructions


All of our jewelry pieces are made of Sterling Silver 925. After some use, we suggest to clean and polish the jewelry with a specific cream for silver. 18K gold plated silver jewelry does not need to be polished, but simply cleaned.

We are sure you will want to enjoy your memory for a long time, so we give you some advice on how to take care of your jewelry. We have prepared some simple but effective tips for you.


To avoid

Cosmetics and chemicals:
Soap, hand creams, makeup, hairspray, detergents and aggressive chemicals can attack the material of your jewelry. For this reason it is necessary to remove the jewelry before applying cosmetic or personal hygiene products.

Sea, swimming pools, shower and bathtub:
Salt water, chlorinated water and foam bath are not suitable for jewelry, as they can affect the material and the gold plating.


Preserve your jewelry in a jewelry box or fabric box to avoid scratches. Try to ensure that the jewelry does not come into contact with other jewelry pieces in your collection or get tangled.

All jewelry can fog up over time - to avoid this, we recommend that you take care of it. For daily care, we advise cleaning the jewelry with a soft cloth. This way you can remove dirt, dust and fingerprints. For more intensive cleaning, we recommend soaking the jewelry in a bowl of lukewarm water with 1-2 drops of mild detergent for 5 minutes and then washing it well with clean water. To avoid any damage to the gold plating, we recommend that you do not use cleaning brushes. At the end, make sure that the jewelry is well dried. You can use simple paper napkins, so that the water and humidity are well absorbed. Let your jewelry dry on a paper towel even after cleaning.

Last but not least, have fun wearing it!