The name Sofia

The name Sofia

The name Sofia - Significance

The name Sofia comes from the Greek and means wisdom. Sofia is also the name of the goddess in Greek mythology.

In philosophy it is used as "love for wisdom" and is a field of study that asks questions and reflects on the world. Sofia celebrates her name day on September 30th, in homage to Saint Sophia, martyr in Rome under Trajan.

Abroad it is a very popular name and the variations are: Sophia in England, Sofie in Germany, Sophie in France.

The Sofie’s are a bit complex and mysterious. They are intelligent, curious and romantic. They can be very outgoing and communicative, but also reserved or apparently indifferent if they are not in the right mood. They can be fragile or courageous, depending a lot on the environment in which they grow up. Sofie's are very creative, which is why they are suitable for all professions that give them a way to express their ideas and knowledge.

Sofia's colour is yellow, with which she expresses her good taste and optimism. Amber is the stone associated with this name, because it gives positive energy.

Famous people with this name: Sofia of Bavaria, Sofia Coppola, Sofia Loren. "Sofia" is a song by Alvaro Soler, great summer hit of summer 2016.