The name Aurora

The name Aurora

The name Aurora - Meaning

Aurora comes from the Latin meaning "aurora".

This term probably has Sabine origins taken from the name of the goddess of the sun, Ausel, or aurum meaning gold. The Auroras celebrate their namesake on December 7, in memory of Aurora Lopez Gonzalez, a nun who, in 2013, gave her blessing to Pope Francis. This name remains unchanged in English, Spanish and German, while in French it becomes Aurore.

The lucky woman who bears this name has a lovable and pleasant personality, being inclined to calm and balance.

She is a great dreamer, sensitive and creative, a faithful companion and a dear friend.

For the positivity she can transmit she can be a good doctor or she can dedicate herself to social professions and for her sensitivity she can stand out in art or manual trades. Aurora's colour is orange. There are 4 lucky stones: topaz, opal, cornelian and mochaite.

In Italy the most famous Aurore are: Aurora Ruffino, actress and Aurora Ramazzotti, daughter of art and influencer. In 1996 Eros Ramazzotti dedicated to his daughter the song "l'aurora".