The name Alice

The name Alice

The name Alice - Meaning

The name Alice derives from the German Adelheid which means "of noble appearance", but could also originate from the Greek Alike "relative to the sea".

Alice celebrates her name day on June 15th, in honour of Saint Adelaide of Schaerbeek, a religious and mystical nun of the 12th century. In Europe it has several variations: Alyce or Alyssa in English, Alice in French and also in German.

Alice has a great natural charm. She is certainly a leader, very charismatic and responsible. She stands out for her ability to relate to anyone, because she is capable of supporting any argument.

She is very sweet and affectionate, in contrast to her sometimes serious and serious appearance. She loves to have fun. She has a strong sense of observation and criticism. She is always looking for the approval and appreciation of others that make her very demanding of herself.

Because of these inclinations she can be an excellent doctor, lawyer, teacher or any profession that brings her to work with the public.

Alice's colour is yellow. The lucky stone is yellow topaz, because it is sunny and joyful.

Many famous women are called Alice: The Italian singer, Alice Brady (actress), Alice Brown (writer), Alice Guy (director and producer).

Francesco De Gregori titled his album "Alice doesn't know" and Lewis Carrl wrote the famous novel "Alice in Wonderland" which became a Disney cartoon.