Goldsmithing, a Passion Engraved in our Heart

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Goldsmithing, a Passion Engraved in our Heart

In this article, we will talk about the most precious profession in the World, goldsmithing, a profession which has a huge artistic heritage.

Metals have been worked for thousands of years and, ever since the earliest civilizations, artists known as goldsmiths have created jewelry giving free rein to their creativity.

Some jewels date back thousands of years and were made using some techniques that still are used by modern goldsmiths; visiting our workshop you could be surprised by noticing that a lot of our tools are the same tools our ancestors used ages ago.

Nowadays more and more young and passionate people decide to become goldsmiths and they all share the passion for this job and the desire to deepen their artistic skills.


We love calling our goldsmiths “storytellers” because behind the production of every piece of jewelry there’s a story to tell.

It all starts with an idea. Our artisans get inspiration from what’s around them, from nature to people; then, like the ancient alchemists turned lead into gold, they turn an idea into some exclusive jewelry.

Our artisans are artists able to turn the beauty and passion into something real and amazing.

Making personalized jewelry enhanced this dichotomy goldsmith-storyteller because the story of the person who ordered the piece of jewelry is added to the story of the artisan who made it.

The most exciting thing of our job is engraving a date or a name on a piece of jewelry and wondering what that name or that date means to the person who’s gonna wear it.


The best part of our job is being able to work every day with the most precious metals and gems.

Gold and silver, for their unique properties, are our goldsmiths favorite metals.

Gold is the best metal to use for jewelry-making as is’s very soft and easy to work: it’s hard to explain the wonderful sensation we feel making jewelry with the most precious metal on earth.

Silver is also very soft to work and it has a natural brightness which is enhanced thanks to the polishing.

Silver has been known for thousands of years and in the most ancient cultures it was related to the Moon.


Our workshop is located in Piedmont, a land which shows a great passion for craftsmanship.

The desire to keep the tradition alive here is very strong and for this reason the ancient activities related to the rural life have survived despite the industrial revolution.

This dynamic context, together with the bigger context of Made in Italy, allows us to place at the center our artisans, in order to give free rein to their creativity.


Being able to train entire generations of artisans is the thing which satisfies us the most.

A lot of young goldsmiths spend their days in our workshop to learn the ancient techniques of goldsmithing.

Our goldsmiths are passionate and curious people, with an incredible desire for knowledge. Our master Silvio, a goldsmith with three decades of experience, helps our artisans to develop their skills.

We like calling our artisans “artists” because, like artists, they can turn the beauty and passion into something real and amazing.

For these reasons we use the Italian word “bottega” to indicate our workshop. During the Renaissance, a “bottega” was a place where talented artists used to go to improve their skills. That happened to Leonardo da Vinci who studied at Verrocchio’s bottega, and to Michelangelo, who studied at Ghirlandaio’s bottega.

Italy is a wonderful Country, full of culture and history. We are very proud to keep our tradition alive by doing one of the most fascinating job in the World, but always with an eye on the future and the innovation.